Motet, PMC, Accuphase, EverSolo, Lumin, Kimber

All prices in Canadian dollars.

The room shared by distributor Motet and PMC Speakers showcased a system—actually, two systems, but I only experienced one. This system surprised me, not merely because it delivered a full, big-picture sound but because the source of that sound was not what I initially assumed upon entering.

Contrary to my expectations, it wasn’t the mighty-statured PMC MB2 SE speakers ($50,000/pair). Instead, it was a pair of the smaller PMC Prodigy 5 floorstanders ($4000/pair) positioned in front of the MB2s. For a few seconds, mentally processing the Prodigy 5’s appearance with the amount of sound it was projecting was jarring—like an optical illusion but with sound.

Obviously, the other components in the chain contributed to the voluminous sound I heard. They included an EverSolo combo of a DMP-A8 streaming DAC ($2799) and a class-D, bridgeable, 130Wpc AMP-F2 amplifier ($1099). Sitting this one out were the Lumin U2 network streamer ($7499) and a class-AB, 180Wpc Accuphase E-4000 integrated amplifier. Kimber Kable handled the cabling.

As the saying goes, this system punched above its weight. It offered a spacious and well-sorted sound while delivering a good measure of harmonic bloom, tactility, and in-room extension.