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Mostly Coltrane

I just want to second Fred Kaplan's glowing review of Mostly Coltrane.

(Find it here: 'Mostly Coltrane' review.)

I'm really tired of tribute albums. No matter how wonderful Ellington/Monk/Mingus are, the vast majority of tributes are unavoidably backward-looking - and jazz has done so many, it sometimes feels like the majority of players spend their time looking over their shoulders.

So I'm not sure how Kuhn does it, because there's nothing radical about Mostly Coltrane. But I've been listening to it for the last couple of days and I don't end up wanting to run back to the originals.

In fact, if I had never heard of Coltrane, this album would still be wonderful - it doesn't need the originals to prop it up. Of course, there's no way to not know about 'Trane, but he is only gently here, like a really good memory.


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