A Mosaic of Music: Stereophile's Clarinet Quintet CD Who was What, Where, & When

Sidebar 4: Who was What, Where, & When

Recording Venue: Blue Heaven Studios, Salina, Kansas
Recording Dates: May 10-11, 1999
Production: Adrian Levine, with John Atkinson
Engineering: John Atkinson, with John Brandt
Editing/Mixing/Mastering: John Atkinson
Photography: Julie Hess, with John Atkinson
Art Direction: Natalie Brown Baca
Booklet Production: Pip Tannenbaum
Booklet Notes: Les Berkley, John Atkinson
CD Cover Image: Barbara Zaring, Rinconada River, oil on linen, 46" by 38"

Recording equipment: two Neumann M147 1" tube cardioid microphones as ORTF pair; two Brüel & Kjaer/DPA 4006 ½" omnidirectional microphones with diffuse-field nosecones; Belden balanced microphone cables; two two-channel Millennia Media HV-3B microphone preamplifiers; dCS 902D and 904D 24-bit, two-channel A/D converters at 24-bits/88.2kHz; Apogee Wyde-Eye and Canare AES/EBU digital cables; Nagra-D open-reel, four-track digital tape recorder (cardioids); Tascam DA-38 MDM recorder with PrismSound MR-2024T bit splitter (omnis); BASF 931 (Nagra) and Sony P6-120HMPX (Tascam) tape; Musical Fidelity X-24K D/A converter; Stax Lambda Pro headphones; Audio Power Industries Power Wedge.

Editing, mixing, and mastering equipment: Sonic Solutions SonicStudio v.5.2.1 digital audio workstation with 24GB hard drive; dCS 972 Digital/Digital Converter (88.2kHz to 44.1kHz downconversion); Meridian 518 Mastering Converter (24-bit to 16-bit conversion); Dorrough AES/EBU level meter; Audio Engineering Associates Stereoscope; Z-Systems rdp-1 digital equalizer; Revel Ultima Studio and B&W Silver Signature loudspeakers, driven by Mark Levinson No.33H power amplifiers; Meridian DSP8000 digital active loudspeakers; Sennheiser HD600 headphones driven by HeadRoom Cosmic amplifier.

Stereophile thanks: Antony Michaelson (Musical Fidelity), Chad Kassem and Julie Hess (Acoustic Sounds), John Brandt (Blue Heaven Studios), Antoinette Flosi (Neumann), John La Grou (Millennia Media), Dr. Glenn Zelniker (Z-Systems), Robert Kelly (dCS, Ltd.), Bob Stuart (Meridian), and Les Edelberg (Audio Power Industries).