In the Morning

Some days are harder than others to leave my apartment in the morning. This was one of those days when the morning sun lights up the listening room with warmth and the system seems to just beg to be played. Before leaving each morning, I tend to linger there, in the space that connects my listening room to my kitchen, and imagine how nice it would be to stay home and listen to records.

I might start with Sharon Van Etten, move on to Nite Jewel, transition to James Blake and Nicolas Jaar, finally open up those sealed copies of Frkwys Vol.8, Demdike Stare’s Elemental, Slant Azymuth….

The system, as it is right now: Rega P3-24 turntable with Elys 2 cartridge and Boston Audio Design Mat 1, NAD C515 BEE CD player, Sony Playstation 1 CD player, NAD C316 BEE integrated amplifier, Parasound Zphono USB phono preamplifier, PSB Alpha B1 loudspeakers, Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects, Kimber Kable 8VS speaker cables, Furutech eTP-60 power distributor.

Have a great day, system. I'll be home soon!

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Perhaps a target turntable stand for wall mounting and moving the equipment to the side? Love the space SM. 


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Thanks. I've considered a wall-mount setup, but the Polycrystal equipment stand is extremely stable. I can jump all around the room with a record playing and nothing happens to the sound. Plus, the sight of the equipment at the center of the space just sort of comforts me. It feels balanced to me.

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are all the records covering his couch.

seems suspiciously clean for a music fan...

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it is tidy isn't it? Look at how neat those pillows are stacked.  Space rocks either way. 

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Yes, as Ariel mentions, the couch is extremely cluttered -- covered with CDs, LPs, books, magazines, press releases, notes, cables, phono preamps, all kinds of stuff.  I have to reorganize the couch every time I go to listen.  But, other than that, I keep the room pretty neat.  A messy living/listening space makes me feel messy.

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Can you tell us what they are?

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D'oh, how did I forget the speakers?!  Sorry.  They're my five-year-old PSB Alpha B1s.  (I've updated the entry now, too.  Thanks.)

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Dear Stephen,

It was a pleasure having you back at the shop in my shop for the Unision Research Event! I am delighted that you had a great time!

Looking at your room it is a perfect mirror of you, it is fastidious, fun, and full of life and passion for the things that  matter to you. Your wall of vinyl is a testament to your passion for music and lets face it, an inexpensive vinyl front end will kill a much more expensive digital playback system.

You are an inspiration for all of us old fuddy duddies to get back into vinyl, and I am actually doing that as we speak,

Audio Doctor just became the New York dealer for Nottingham Analog, and we have a Notthingham 294 with the 12 inch arm comming in this week. I am still hunting for a good cartridge for it.

We will also be getting in for the upcomming NY Show the unique Merrill Willaims REAL rubber laminate turntable for display, I am still deciding on either a Graham or  a Triplanar tonearm, cartridge will be my Benz LPS for that one.

Last at the show in our Scaena Room we will be showing the new $27,000.00 Kronos turntable which uses counter rottating platters to kill off any mechanical vibrations.

So let vinyl rule, you are all class and passion Stephen!

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Is the record rack from Ikea, Stephen?  Your space looks great, and very similar to mine.  I love how the sun rises through the window behind my speakers as I drink my morning coffee and listen to something on the LP12.  Carry on!

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Thank you.

I love how the sun rises through the window behind my speakers as I drink my morning coffee and listen to something on the LP12.

Yes, exactly!

Is the record rack from Ikea, Stephen?

Yes, the shelves on the right are two Ikea Expedit units. The smaller case on the left is one I purchased from the Gothic Cabinet Co.

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I have a couple of Expedit units.  They may be the best bargain in record storage.

How did you modify them so the records are all even in the front?  I've been looking for an easy way to do that.

I have a similar system with Rega, NAD, PSB and I just added an Oppo BDP-93.

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Sounds like you have a great system, rodzilla. 

How did you modify them so the records are all even in the front?  I've been looking for an easy way to do that.

Ha ha. No modification.  I'm just a little bit of a neat freak at home.

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Dear Stephen,

I have a similar set up...

Rega P3-24 TT, NAD T515 CDP, NAD C352 Integrated amp, NAD PP3 Phono...with Monitor Audio RS6...Mine I would call a Jazz and chamber music lovers paradise...would like to know how your current set up sounds...

By the way I wish I get good CD and LP storage racks here in India...right now I have them in a cupbord and it not so easy to access/browse... :)