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"more" correct method of hooking up my current setup...

I say "more" correct, because I know my current setup is not right, but it works and sounds much better than any of the local (to me) store-bought speaker systems. I'm currently going from my PC out of an el cheapo 5.1 soundcard (1/8" jack) directly into a Behringer A500 amp (RCA) which powers my mains. The RCA's are "Y"ed into another A500 which powers my sub.

I'm at the point where I'm looking into sound cards / DAC's. If I go DAC, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go with more than one, because I plan on doing all of my processing/crossovers via the PC. In the future, the mains will be active 2-way, and possibly 3-way.

With these goals in mind, what are my best options going to be? I'm working on a limited budget here, so the final goal will be called "sub-stereophile", but I don't want horrible. All files played from the PC will either be FLAC, or directly off the DVD/CD ROM. For now, the budget will remain under $200 on the DAC/SC, so stereophile/pro is pretty much out of the question I know. But am I going to be better off with a decent DAC versus decent soundcard and possibly preamp?

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