Monster Power AVS 2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer & Equi=Tech 2Q & Q650 Balanced Power Systems Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

Monster Power AVS 2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: Servo-controlled variable voltage transformer with microprocessor controller and electronic shutdown on over/undervoltage or overcurrent. Two unswitched, four switched-timed outputs. Accepts 3-30V triggers for remote turn-on capability in custom installations. Voltage range: 80-140V output voltage at 120V RMS input. Sinewave: 339.5V P-P (±1% of regulation). Operating temperature: 40-95 degrees F.
Dimensions: 17" W by 7.75" H by 13.75" D. Weight: 68 lbs.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 00012.
Price: $1499. Approximate number of dealers: 197.
Manufacturer: Monster Cable Products, 455 Valley Drive, Brisbane, CA 94005. Tel: (415) 840-2000. Fax: (415) 468-0311. Web:

Equi=Tech 2Q & Q650 Balanced Power Systems: Bifilar-wound isolation transformers with magnetic and Faraday shielding. Six analog (two unswitched) outlets and four specially filtered digital outlets, broadband cable TV isolator for CATV-system noise attenuation, and ground-fault circuit protection. Surge protection: 240 joules. Capacity: 2kVA. Inputs: 2Q, 20A/120V; Q650, 15A/120V. Output: 120/60V. AC plug types: 2Q, NEMA 5-20; Q650, NEMA 5-15. Circuit breakers: 2Q, 1-20 amp; Q650, 1-15 amp.
Dimensions: Both: 16.25" W by 3.5" H by 14" D. Weights: 2Q, 65 lbs; Q650, not noted.
Serial numbers of unit reviewed: 2Q, S-002273; Q650, S-003080.
Prices: 2Q, $2689; Q650, $1179. Approximate number of dealers: 180. Warranty: lifetime for transformer.
Manufacturer: Equi=Tech Corp., P.O. Box 249, Selma, OR 97538. Tel: (541) 597-4448. Fax: (541) 597-4099. Web: