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Monitor Audio Speaker dilema : RS or GS

Dear mates
Greetings from Down under
Its not easy to get auditions and returns are not the norm, so I am painfully doing research for my new HT/ music setup.

Bear with me please:

I hae a Marantz SR 12 S1 THX 7.1 amp. I will buy everything else from scratch.
I will get a 7.1 system for a room about 10 by 6 by 3 metres.
I play HT / music in the ratio of 70 / 30.

I was looking at either a RS6 based front with the RS LCR and corresponding rears (Dipoles)

OR (I prefer with some saving):

a GS based set-up:
3 GS LCRs for front and centre, and save on the rears by using Bronze Dipoles.

My question:
How much better are the GS series than the RS6?
What do you think of my 3 X LCR choice
Will having the same speakers make a much better voicing,
given that the LCR is a sealed box, will this make a big difference?

Finally I hope Mr Atkinson will review the GS LCR and 10 soon!
Thanks so much

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