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Monitor Audio: RS6 vs. BR5 vs. BR6

Hi. I'm looking at upgrading my speakers. Currently using the old Monitor Audio - Monitor 14 floor standing speakers.

From the reviews that I've been reading, it seems like the Monitor Audio BR5 is getting a lot of good recommendations. On the other hand, the RS6 also gets its fair share of recommendations but nothing close to the amount that the BR5's are getting. I know that they both come from a different line of Monitor Audio speakers, in that the RS6's are priced a little bit more, about USD200-300 more.

That in mind, what should I get? Does the RS6 perform/sound better than the BR5? I have a feeling that the BR5's are getting a lot of good recommendations because of its value-for-money. Will the USD200-300 price difference give me what I paid for? Or am I better off with the cheaper BR5's? I don't mind paying for the extra USD200-300 difference if performance is much better with the RS6.

In addition, what do you guys know about the BR6's? Slightly more expensive than the BR5 but not as much reviews and attention.

By the way, I'm using a NAD C542 CD player and a C352 Amplifier if this helps you in determining what speaker fits my system.

Feel free to suggest other speaker options as well.

Would appreciate your comments. Thanks./

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Re: Monitor Audio: RS6 vs. BR5 vs. BR6

Your ears are better qualified to make that choice for you. Get a listen to both if you can, and others in the same price range. There may be other makes out there that you like better than the Monitor Audio.

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Re: Monitor Audio: RS6 vs. BR5 vs. BR6

Take a couple of your favorite CD's to your hi-fo dealer and have him audition the speakers with the equipment you have. Spec's and websites are a great starting point but when it comes to speakers it's your ears that are the best judge not a price tag or sales talk.

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