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Monitor Audio RS6 Vs. B&W 603 S3

I was wondering which was a better overall speakerm between the two, in both reviews Mr. Reina was highly impressed when he matched them up with the NHT, Epos, and Amphion speakers. I was in the process of purchasing the B&W speakers based on the recomendation, but would like to know how they compare the RS6 speakers, as I would have to order them as there is no dealer in my area for me to audtion them.

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Re: Monitor Audio RS6 Vs. B&W 603 S3

It boggles my mind that people STILL talk about the best $1000 this or that. The best $1000 speaker out there is the one that sounds best to you. If Stereophile DECLARES the B&W 603 S3 to be the best, what if you don't like it? Are you defective or are they nuts???

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