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Monitor Audio RS6 and Quad21L

Has any one heard the MA RS6 and 21L side by side? I have a small stable of different speakers, but so far the Quads seem the must enjoyable in my small room.
I was wondering if the bass would be too strong from the RS6. The Quad 21L sounds much better to me than the 22L, it's not as boomy in the bass in a smaller room, yet has the fuller sound than the 12L without giving up too much detail.
I've read so many good things about the RS6, I'd like to give them a try. I've never heard a speaker with a metal tweeter that I've cared for over long listening periods, but maybe this one is different.
I listen to music only with this system, in 2 channel stereo and in the nearfield.
I'd like to hear from anyone with their opinions about the difference between these two speakers.
Thanks so much for looking,

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