Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II loudspeaker Specifications

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Description: Three-way, ported, floorstanding loudspeaker with sealed midrange enclosure. Drive-units: MPD tweeter, 4" RDT II midrange driver, two 8" RDT II woofers. Crossover frequencies: 500Hz, 3.4kHz. Frequency response 28Hz–100kHz, –6dB (IEC 268-13). Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m. Impedance: 4 ohms nominal, 4.2 ohms minimum (at 111Hz). Power handling: 300W RMS. Maximum SPL: 117dBA/pair. Recommended amplification: 100–300W.
Dimensions: 43.8" (1113mm) H by 16.1" (410mm) W by 18.5" (470mm) D. With feet & spikes: 45.6" (1158mm) H. Weight: 120 lbs (54.5kg.)
Finishes: Santos Rosewood, Ebony (both real wood); Piano Black, Leather.
Serial number of units reviewed: 100045 (both).
Price: $14,496/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 50.
Manufacturer: Monitor Audio Ltd., 24 Brook Road, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7XJ, England, UK. Tel: (44) (0)1268-740580. Fax: (44) (0)1268-740589. Web: North American distributor: Kevro International Inc., 902 McKay Road, Unit 4, Pickering, Ontario L1W 3X8, Canada. Tel: (800) 667-6065, (905) 428-2800. Fax: (905) 428-0004. Web:

Monitor Audio Ltd.
North American distributor: Kevro International Inc.
902 McKay Road, Unit 4
Pickering, Ontario L1W 3X8, Canada
(800) 667-6065

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This is the size loudspeaker I'm currently shopping for my listening room. My current front runner is the Revel Performa3 F208. As soon as I find them I'll audition these Monitors but at three times the price are they that much better?

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bro....don't bother.....just grab American speakers like Ryan, Aerial Acoustics, Silverline among a host of many many others.......they'll be far better than Monitor Audio

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I doubt they can outperform the platinum, and what I think set the platinum apart from other is there midrange/woofers

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oh yeah......if you want those AMT tweeters......just get Elac or Legacy

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Clearly you have nothing interesting or knowledgeable to say.I think you will find ELAC is a German company not American.

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amazing Monitor Audio hasn't gone out of business..........they haven't a chance to compete with the good brands in USA

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I never read such nonsense for a long time. Most brands in the USA are inferior. Wanna bet? In drivers and response Europe is a long distance further. Take a look at this video

In other things in audio US companies are the best. But in drivers and tweeters mannn they can lear a lot of the Europian companies. When you use amps and sources which are able to create a 3 dimensional stage, Monitor Audio speaker will take a big distance from their competitors. The silly thing is that most Monitor Audio speakers are demoed with 2 dimensional amps. This is based on the fact that the knowledge and insight in audio has become rather poor

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Why would you assume MA would go out of business? I think this shows a relative uneducated view of the world. I bet you don't even own a passport. You will find that MA operate in almost 100 countries, far more than most U.S brands. MA also happens to be the strongest sales in the U.S of any foreign speaker brand,except for B&W. I would check your facts before you spout such drivel.

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The Energy Veritas 2.8 which I missed purchasing a few years back. Have heard many Monitor Audio speakers including their higher priced ones and always loved them. Enjoy!

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Every time I listen to Monitor Audio, I have been overwhelmed. My favorite (cost vs performance) line is the Silver line (RS6, RX6 - whatever they are calling it now). Each time I audition them, the little voice in my head says "Do it!" but I love my current speakers too much. It would take an in-home audition to steer me away.

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First of all many Americian loudspeakers look like S.In the US many speakers are not the like the best looking ladies. The Pl-300 is even the one of the Platinum series who is the least good looking. This has to do with the proportions of the loudspeaker. But in material use and in technique they are superior to all in their price range. The new AMT tweeter they use can reveal a level of realism what I never auditioned with any dome diamond and beryllium tweeter. It brings highend to a much higher level. This is based on the fact that it can easily let you hear the differences of height of voices and instruments. But what is most unique is that it is able to let you hear so much more diversity in sound. This is based on the technique and material use. In the last months I had clients with Wilson Audio speakers. We in Europe see them as ugly women. But this is looks and some men like ugly women. So who am I to judge!! Based on all parts you judge sound for the new Platinum outperformed the Wilson Sasha with ease. I know for sure that magazines never will do shootout of these togheter. Because Wilson will go crazy!! The tweeter of the Wilson Audio speakers show still harshness in the high freq. The AMT tweeter shows us that this is all gone. The biggest difference is based on the fact that in stage depth and width the New Platinum outperforms the Wilson in this part. Use Pass Labs amps and the Platinum will show you a wider and deeper stage. This has nothing to do with taste. The stage is bigger, so the level of this part is better, end of discussion. The Platinum goes so much further than this alone. It outperfroms the Wilson in the level it can show you the differences in height of instruments and voices. It is able to let you hear instruments at the height you hear it in real. Wilson even uses paper (are you still living in the 80's?) in their mid-drivers. The low and mid drivers of the new Platinum are superior in speed and response. It has so much more controle but it also reveals more layers. With recordings of a double bass the Sasha showed us difficulties in layering and control. With the new Platinum series the realism in control and layering is of a new level. The energy of a bass drum or the strings of a double bass is fully free from the speaker. The same recordings with the Sasha showed us that the energy still was comming from the (very slow) drivers. Audio is ruled by money. Let me put it this simple: would you like to hear the truth or the thing you would like to hear? Audio need to become much more open and honest. Battle between Platinum and Wilson Audio. Or a battle between the new Platinum series with the 800D3 series. This is how audio needs to be shown and presented. Because it is al about shootout. The thing I love most in audio is that the best and most convincing sound always will win. So let the best win!!

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Thanks for acknowledging that speaker looks are a design thing and in no way related to the much maligned WAF BS the generic audiophile community subscribe to. Simply put, speakers like the PL300 MII, KEF Blade, Raidho and a few others dispel the old image of a speaker having to look like a speaker: in a fugly box. From the vast majority of "man-cave" listening room pictures I see posted, most of the owners belong in a cave. Monitor Audio should be applauded for producing reference quality sound in a package that can be incorporated into a real-world living space.