MoFi Distribution, Part 3: Piega Ace Wireless and Premium Wireless speakers

In addition to exhibiting a plethora of "classic" hi-fi gear, MoFi Distribution introduced a modern lifestyle system in Suite 340: the new Piega Ace Wireless series.

The Piega Ace 50 Wireless active tower speakers ($4495/pair) utilize class-D amplification, each driver powered by its own module. An AMT tweeter handle the high end, and four woofers handle the mid and low frequencies. The midrange gets its own enclosure. There's a streaming client built in (Chromecast, Spotify connect). The Ace 50s are Roon Ready.

If you want more low-end extension, there's a brand-new sub for that: the Piega Ace Wireless subwoofer (price TBD). Its tubular design makes it look like an oversized neck-roll pillow except that it's made of machined aluminum: not very comfortable. All the Swiss company's Ace Wireless Series products are housed in aluminum enclosures, in silver, black, or white.

Also on display was newly updated Premium Connect Plus Wireless Box (price TBD), which was made to pair with the more expensive Piega Premium Wireless speakers. After I reviewed an earlier version of the Connect Box deployed with a pair of Piega 701 Premium Wireless speakers ($8995/pair), I can say the upgrades are welcome. Piega has added USB and HDMI ARC connectivity and up to 7.1 multichannel capability. The box also serves as a streamer with built-in Google Chromecast and Spotify Connect and is Roon Ready. Current owners of Piega Premium Wireless speakers will be glad to know that the new box is also compatible with previous active Premium Wireless speakers.

IsoTek Sequel power cables ($449 each) connected the system to an IsoTek Gemini power conditioner ($395). An IsoTek IsoPlug Noise Filter ($149), um, filtered noise.

I enjoyed a brief listen to R.E.M.'s "Nightswimming" via Qobuz; it was high on detail: The slight rasp and hints of sibilance of Michael Stipe's vocal delivery and hints of echo in the recording space provided up-close presence and ambiance. Piano timbre seemed fairly natural. At the song's start, the quick attack on the snippet of strings tuning caught me off guard.

The speakers largely faded from my perception, leaving music floating in the air.