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Modern-day "musical sounding" Integrated Amp upgrade from Yamaha A-1000?

Hi All,

After much listening on a restored Yamaha A-1000, i've decided that i really like the sound, but i can't help think that amps must have improved since 1984 and now i'm wondering what they sound like.

I found the Yamaha AX-500 artificial sounding, and my Panasonic PMX-70 Class-D flat and boring. With the A-1000, its somehow transforming the music into a slightly more pleasing sound. Could it be dynamics? I'm not sure.

Can anyone recommend me modern day equivalent integrated amplifiers that i might like, if i liked the sound of the Yamaha A-1000?

I've come across the below brands which i read were musical sounding:

Rega Elex-R
Rega Elicit-R

Any/all opinions welcome. I will head to my local audio shop (BayBloorRadio in Toronto) when the lockdown is over and see what I can demo. But for now, i want to see what suggestions are out there.

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Three Suggestions

Can't say I've ever heard the Yamaha A-1000. However, I have a 20 or 21 year old 80 watt Yamaha receiver that I recently upgraded with a McIntosh integrated and a very good friend has an even older 100 watt Yamaha integrated that sounds very, very nice. If you are willing and able to stretch your budget, there are 3 integrated amplifiers that I've done serious seat-time with recently and can confidently recommend: McIntosh MA5300 + Musical Fidelity M6si + Simaudio Moon NEO 340 IX.

I haven't heard the Hegel, Parasound or Anthem offerings. However, these generally review very well and their build quality and specifications are respectable. If I were in the market, I would want to spend some seat-time with these, if possible. There are other worthy competitors, for sure, but these are just a few I could think of on the spur of the moment.

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add to your list

A few others to add to your integrated list to check out, based on price range of amps you noted...

- Cambridge Audio AX
- Leak Stereo 130
- Audiolab 6000a (I own this one and love it.)

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Audio Research VSi75 is an

Audio Research VSi75 is an incrediblely musical contemporary integrated amp. If I was in the market I would have bought it, then figured out how to pay for it. I have found each component at the same price point gets a big wow of improvement every decade.

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