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Mixer to Equalizer Connection

Don't laugh, its been a long time. I have an ADC 315x equalizer (EQ), a Sony 1000ESD pre-amp, Sony cassette deck and a Numark 950 mixer. I have the mixer going into the amp "line in" and its working. I can't figure out the rest of the connections for the EQ to work. Can anyone help me complete the connections. I have tried several but, the EQ never comes to life.

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Re: Mixer to Equalizer Connection

What are you doing with the preamp?
Why would you need a mixer?

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Re: Mixer to Equalizer Connection

Not knowing what you are up to I have to make some assumptions, but...

Place the EQ between the mixer and the preamp. Line level output of the mixer goes to the Line Input of the EQ. Line Output of the EQ goes to the input of the preamp.

(For those that don't know, the unit is an EQ, spectrum analyzer, pink noise generator, etc.

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