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Mix Discs....

The new David Dyrne Fatboy Slim two disc musical set themed around Imelda Marcos's like letting Paul make a Beatles record with no feedback about how it's going.

It's got its high points, but the sum is less than the total of its parts.

It even has a Heart guitar line in one song - point off.

Time for David and Jerry and Tina and Chris to get back together and see where they might go next.

This disc is a 5.

Mika has two discs out and my ten and twelve year olds love them and have infected their friends.

We had a party last weekend and cranked it with Mika and the kids went apeshit...and I enjoyed the Freddie Mercury meets 10CC meets Erasure meets Sweet kinda vibe!



Broken Belles.....yup!

Listen to song number one and savor how familiar it is. Think about it and play it a few times.

Then I will tell you its secret origin.

Also 8.5

Time for some user reports of new stuff!

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