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Miscellaneous March Musings


Working my way through the new issue, and some items are too small for their own thread, but did catch my eye, so here ten list.

1) That Tannoy Autograph Mini is cute. A pair would look good sitting next to my computer. Cool juxtaposition of old and new.

2) Are there any writers you just "don't get?" There's one who I can't seem to really get any cohesive feeling for. His stuff hits me more like selling words by the pound, using 1,000 words to say what he could have said in a paragraph.

Apologies, to Stereophile. You know I love ya, baby. My one peeve will not lead me to "cancel my subscription."

3) I'd like to hear the whole XLO story. I heard someone at CES mention a "debacle" and "good money after bad," but it seems there's a journalistic tale there to tell.

4) What the heck is "buttery" sound? What the heck is "velvety?"

Is buttery a word for "fat" sounding? Can you differentiate buttery from creamy? Is it a sound that softens up at higher room temperature?

Usually, I don't get worked up over audio words. Well, not since TAS used "choclately"... ...

Food analogies are tough.

Could a system have creme fraiche-y sound? Cheesy? Brie-like?

Same with velvety. That sounds like it obscures underlying detail, or has a fine grain, or is opaque.

5) Eno the dog is cool.

6) Kal Rubinson's Denon series has been awesome. In another 2-4 years, technology may progress to the point where the machines will be smart enough for me to want them! Thanks, Kal. Really an enlightening couple of installments lately.

7) Alex Peychev is even cooler than the article implies. The APL Hi Fi 3910 is a work of art that sounds beautiful by way of being more accurate, more true to what I think the recoding was than any other digi-player I've heard.

He is 10/10.

If I were Bill Gates, I'd buy one for everyone here. Owning one of these babies is at the top of my "fantasy to do" list. Which, obviously, makes me a nerd. Even more nerdy is that I was going to make a Heather Locklear joke, but that just makes me a dated nerd. Maybe I should try to turn that "fantasy to do" list joke into Keria Knightley or Scarlette Johansson joke...

If you are in the market, his player is superlative.

8) Chord should be embarrassed.

9) Time to figure out exactly how the heck a two watt distortion factory can sound so magical.

I'm not disputing the fact that it may sound good, I wanna know why!

Note to JA: This would be a perfect follow-up article to pit against that Sonic Impact amp.

Time to unveil my own category in which I file this kind of gear: "Impressionistic."

In the world of hi fi art, it's not exactly representational, certainly not realism, emphatically not photo-realism, but seems to capture the mind and please the ear like an impressionistic painting; giving the listener an enjoyable experience while still looking/sounding enough like what it's giving its impression of that we can still tell that we're listening to water Lillies (how's that for a Monet/Hi Fi tie in, eh? Monet, Water Lilly?)

10) Devore Fideltiy speakers are the bomb. I agree with the designer that this review may be an example of where measurement becomes too difficult to accurately accomplish in the review context, and may mis-represent what is actually happening.

A neat example of another place where measurement does not tell enough of the story.

I've heard those speakers and they are in the "to die for" range.

I've heard them a couple times, actually, and I could not find a flaw to mention, other than I can't afford 'em.

Also, the March Stereophile offers us a reference quality system. Picture the APL Hi Fi player being fed into a Moon Amp, driving the DeVore speakers; with the Cardas power cords in the chain, to boot!

Cheers, y'all!

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Re: Miscellaneous March Musings

Working my way through the new issue, and some items are too small for their own thread, but did catch my eye, so here ten list.

Great post, Buddha. Much for me to think about.

5) Eno the dog is cool.

Agreed, But his son, who also lives with the Fremers in the deepest Republican corner of New Jersey, is the stupidest animal on the face of the Earth. I have been visiting Michael now once a month for almost 6 years, to pick up gear, drop off gear, and listen to Mikey's latest LP acquisitions. I am next going on Tuesday to pick the Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Grands that Mikey is reviewing for the May issue. And this dumb dog will _again_ completely fail to remember who I am, bark, and try to defend his owner against the unknown intruder until Mikey locks him up. :-(

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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Re: Miscellaneous March Musings

The Republican corner of Jersey?

You're allowed in?

Out west, the Republican areas are all gated.



I also love those Malcom McLaren discs. "Fans" on LP needs to be experienced to be believed.

Another amazing March issue item was Robert Deutsch's review of the East Village Opera disc! Really in line with the old McLaren notions. I'm going to go out and buy that and see.

There is a similar disc floating around that I made a mental note of in either yours or another publication, with more music along this line, but now I forget where I put my mental note!

I guess I'm at the age where I need my mental notes to have sticky stuff on the back.

One last thing about the importance of the music in a hi fi mag:

Thanks to Stereophile, I was turned on to the Cash Brothers. "How Was Tomorrow" was my disc of the year that year.

When they came through town, we went, and they came out to the bar after their show at the House of Blues and were very chatty and friendly. (One of their logos is the old 45 adapter with the three arms, too.) I told them we had found them via Stereophile and they said that that was the most common comment they had hard on that tour from new fans!

How's that for aan audiophile mag making the wolrd a better place! Can't even put a monetary value on that.

*Not brown nosing, pinot noir turns me into Mr. Love Everybody-and-Everything.*

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Re: Miscellaneous March Musings

As we move closer to the mid-term elections, I guess we might as well get used to an increase in the political bleed into everything, including our little audio hobby.

I saw my first bi-partisan bumper sticker today. The bumper sticker simply read, "Run Hillary Run!" I decided to get one and my buddy asked me how in the heck that could be considered bi-partisan? I told him it was for my front bumper! Badabump!

Pinot is both my favorite and least favorite wine. When its right, it's great. But, more often than not, it disappoints.

Regarding music, here in Austin, we are getting geared up for the annual SXSW festival. I haven't been able to get out the last few years to take advantage of all the music, but this year I hope to hit quite a few gigs. So far, my list includes Buddy Guy, Rosanne Cash, Lyle Lovett and until Sheryl Crow's disappointing news, her. On the bright side, it looks very promising for her recovery.

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Re: Miscellaneous March Musings

Too much vino.

Gosh, I melded the Sex Pistols thread with this one.

Wow, did I just say that?

"Too much vino?"

Always seemed more theoretical than an actual possibility.

Live and learn....

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