Mirage OM-7 loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Linn Axis turntable, Linn Basik tonearm, Lyra Lydian Beta cartridge.
Digital source: Arcam Audio FMJ CD23 player.
Preamplification: Anthem PRE 1L line preamp and PRE 1P phono preamp.
Power amplifier: Simaudio Celeste 4070se.
Loudspeakers: Thiel CS.5, Joseph Audio RM-7si.
Cables: Phono: Harmonic Technology Crystal Silver. Interconnect: Harmonic Technology Pro Silway Mk.II, Goertz Micro Purl Silver. Speaker: Harmonic Technology Pro 11 Plus, Goertz Python M12. AC: API Power Enhancer and Power Link.
Accessories: API Power Wedge 110 and 116 power-line conditioners; Checkpoint Systems P-770 Laser Speaker alignment tool; Nitty Gritty One record-cleaner with Record Research Labs cleaning fluid; Sumiko FB-1 Fluxbuster; Audience Auric Illuminator CD treatment; Bright Star Audio Big Rocks and Air Mass 1; DH Cones footers; Salamander audio racks; RoomTunes CornerTunes; big hunk-o-foam-on-the-ceiling homemade absorber.—Lonnie Brownell

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