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MIrage 760's - upgrade ???

Hello ... I am considering a speaker upgrade, but a little afraid since there are not many places local to actually check new ones out these days - My system is primarily circa 1990 (with some recent upgrades) ... I am re-discovering my vinyl and loving it ... my musical tastes are pretty eclectic (Genesis, good jazz, etc) .. enjoy a nice "soundstage", etc .... my system is a Pro-ject Debut turntable (2018), pro-ject tube box S2 pre-amp for the turntable (2020), NAD C165BEE preamplifier (2020), B&K ST202 (200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 1990) ...... I am happy with my base electronics (the tube box really warmed up the vinyl) .... I do enjoy the mirage 760's (also circa 1990), bug wonder what I may be "missing" with all the advancements in speaker technology ..... have done a lot of research ... not sure Klipsch will do (maybe too harsh), although Klipsch is my surround system ... I am starting to land on the Wharfedale EVO 4.4 .... my budget is probably around 3K US give or take (maybe 4K at high end) ...thoughts ??? - thanks all

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