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MiniGrand Saga Part 2
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Nice work, and thanks for the posts! Ribbon speaker work is, as you found, kinda hairy given how easy it is to damage them. I knew a guy who's cat cut through some of the ribbon with it's claws. The cat lived, but was banned from that part of the house forever...

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The material in the ribbon tweeter is incredibly delicate. When taking a tour of the Magnepan facility I got a chance to "play" with the thin, aluminum ribbon material. The people that work there are artisans.

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Congrats on the rebuild
They can be very frustrating as you experienced
I was replacing the speaker protection in my Meridian DSP 6000(thermistor). Restoring the boards after delicate soldering a screwdriver fell across the v large power supply caps.
Big splash, expletives and back to the factory for a new board.....
PS what amps for the Apogees
I needed Krell 250 for my Scintillas
They had enough energy to boil a bucket of water with bare ends from the amp!

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