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Midrange HT/HiFi receiver?

I figured before I started working on some speakers, I really need a new receiver to drive them. I currently have an Onkyo TX-SV545, which is quite lacking. What I really don't like about it is that when doing surround, the rear channels only get 25W at 8 ohms. In comparison, the fronts/center get 75W. The other gripe is that there is no crossover adjustment for the different areas (Front/Back/Center/Sub).

So, I have looked around a little. I intend to spend roughly $500. I found both the Onkyo TX-NR901 and Onkyo TX-SR804. I read that the Denon 2808's are supposed to be really good, but the price on those are really high.

Ideally, I want a receiver that will do well for HT, but with a few simple tweaks (a save settings option would be awesome), it would be geared up for very accurate HiFi.

As always, thanks for the help!
- Ogo

PS. Any suggestions for a good cd/dvd/mp3/ogg vorbis/xvid/divx/flac/h264 player would be appreciated. I don't even know if anyone makes a good media player that comes out with firmware updates to keep up with audio/video encoding types.

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Re: Midrange HT/HiFi receiver?

Vis-a-vis receiver, try Denon 5700 on audiogon. It was Denon's top of the line receiver a few years back. It does 5.1, not the 7.1, but it does it quite well.

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