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MF and the Dartzeel

Of ocurse it sounds better than the current thing he has, when doesn't it? BUT, he also mentions the use of high CURRENT high power amps...Gee, when I say watts matter, I is crucified.....and he drives large speakers, what a concept!!! The ones under review this issue at teh asking price are a joke, unheard, with such miniscule drivers, at the price, gotta be a joke..hardly capable of lifelike sound.MF also says a $23K pre amp should do everything, weeeeelllll, a $100K should have a pre map in it already no? goldmund does, but ain't that gonna be like $300K, I'm sure it will have nuances, pace, rhythm, and babble on things better....over teh now obsoleted mere $100K Man CE stuff sure do change fast.$23K pre with a poor slew rate of only 88V/uS? That sucks that's 30 year old stuff That's what makes stuff sound flat, high slew rates make it come alive, along with the exteneded freq responses, and not one down 5dB at some point....first time in all aduio histry for using all light transmission? And he only gets 88V/uS..something sucks in that design. So MF is a fan of big speakers, lotsa WATTS, now he just has to get off teh obsoleted vinyl routine as being ain't. It's inconvenient, cumbersome, surface nosie, every play is destroying the medium, so many negatives.....and yes I listen to LP's matter o' fact just gat several in snap crackle pop...180Gram "quiet" surface gobbldy gook. But how come the latest Telarc DSD recording of Mighty Sam McCain is SILENT, ALIVE easy to play...must be newer technology called DSD it's better, in so many ways. Actually CHEAPER than obsolete records. MF is on the way to reality, he has large speakers, large amps? He needs to get an EMMLABS SACD palyer, sell that TT, monstronsity, and go with modern technology for much less. And to think the Manley SteelHead was THE finast heard not so long ago, but this month's review has it smoked, by the latest bunch of absurdity

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