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I've been trying to dig Branford Marsalis' new disc, Metamorphosen, but I just can't get there.

I love Branford, and Trio Jeepy is a demo quality performance, but this new one is somewhere between Spyro Gyra and Kenny G.

What up, Branford?

I am open to being won over by someone explaining what I'm missing, but this one would rate a 'pass' from me.

Weird side note: I have been known to grow into discs, but this has NOT happened happened yet. I've been known to say, "Aha!" when someone splains it to me, so if you can help me out, what's Branford trying to say here?

Feels like an OK night in a Chicago jazz bar, but not what I 'demand' from one of my heroes.

(Pardon the negative review, alot of it feels like noodling. Recording quality is just OK, too. The upright bass is well captured, I guess, but the piano goes nowhere.)

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Re: Metamorphosen?

Maybe you should ask Fred Kaplan about this.

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