Meridian's Visually Stunning DSP9

Meridian's just launched, visually stunning DSP9 digital active loudspeaker (€60,000/pair in black, €65,000/pair in a choice of automotive finishes) is a definite rival to SteinMusic for the Munich High-End 2023 Best Looker of Show Award. With all electronics built-in—each drive unit contains its own amplifier—and controlled by phone or tablet, the speaker includes DSP intended to eliminate all room variables.

Bass was absolutely tight on a remastered version of Phil Collins "I Don't Care Anymore" from 1983, and depth and space came to the fore in Anette Askvik's "Liberty." Bastille's "Divide" sounded perfectly produced. According to Meridian Technical Marketing Manager Des Ford (shown in the top photo), bass on the equally polished "Hypnocurrency" from Rezz & deadmau5 descended to 20Hz.