Meridian MCD & MCD Pro CD players Follow-Ups

Anthony H. Cordesman wrote again about the MCD Pro in November 1985 (Vol.8 No.7):

After prolonged listening, I've concluded that there is simply too much bass on the MCD Pro. This is a problem that's not immediately evident, and will affect you differently depending on your system. For systems with true low-bass response, such as the RS-1Bs or Quads with Janis subwoofers, there will be a definite problem. Not only that, the quality of that bass is somewhat loose, though not nearly as uncontrolled as the bass on the original Meridian MCD. In spite of its other virtues, I must modify my almost-wholehearted endorsement of the MCD Pro. You may wish to try the PS Audio CD player or the Mod Squad modification of the MCD Pro, neither of which I've heard, but both of which are attempts at providing true low bass, according to the manufacturers.—Anthony H. Cordesman

Anthony H. Cordesman returned to the MCD in January 1987 (Vol.10 No.1):

The Meridian MCD is now badly dated in terms of dynamics and openness. Too many other players have, as the MCD was the first to do, removed the edge and irritation of the early CD players and provided more natural musical detail. If you own one, it is time for a trade-in or a total Mod Squad conversion.

The treble detail in the Meridian MCD Pro is still excellent, but other machines provide a more musically convincing bass, more lifelike dynamics, and much better soundstaging at a lower price. They also provide more convincing upper midrange timbre and detail.—Anthony H. Cordesman

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