Meridian Audio Prime D/A headphone amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable with Lingo power supply, Linn Ekos tonearm, Linn Arkiv B cartridge.
Digital Sources: Apple 2.7GHz i7 Mac mini running OS10.7, iTunes 11, Pure Music 1.89, Audirvana Plus 1.5.10; Auralic Vega D/A converter; Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum and Meridian Explorer D/A headphone amplifiers.
Preamplification: Channel D Seta L phono preamplifier.
Headphones: Audeze LCD-X, Sennheiser HD650, Bowers & Wilkins P7.
Cables: USB: AudioQuest Coffee. Interconnect (unbalanced): AudioQuest Cheetah. AC: manufacturers' own.
Accessories: Ayre Acoustics Myrtle Blocks; Audio Power Industries 116 Mk.II & PE-1, APC S-15 AC line conditioners (computers, hard drive). AC power comes from two dedicated 20A circuits, each just 6' from breaker box.—John Atkinson

Meridian Audio Ltd.
US distributor: Meridian America Inc.
110 Greene Street, Suite 407
New York, NY 10012
(646) 666-0140

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I can't fathom how anyone can watch a feature length film on a fifteen inch screen. It's all the more unfathomable when you add high quality sound to the equation.

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the bottle neck in the Prime System is the PPS USB cable. Change the cable, please. I use the Audioquest Coffee between the PHA and the computer AND(!) between the PHA and the PPS.
I've asked Meridian why they deliver with the Prime Power Supply (PPS) an USB cable from Explorer. The audio quality level of the DACs is very different. They answered that the cable is to let the customers to TRY(!) the PPS as soon as possible. Later on they can choose a cable that they prefere :) And belive me you would prefere...