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Meridian 596/568.1 + Primare A30.2 : suggestions?

Right lads, 568.1 from ebay will be here very soon ! i am relegating the 596 and primare A30.2 to a second system and have a question for you.

I will only ever be using it for CD playback purposes, so where should the D/A conversation take place:

option 1: d/a in 596 and then use 2XRCA (nordost red dawn) to drive 568 and then two ecosse the director balanced XLRs feeding the A30.2... is this uncesessary complicated? we have an unbalanced > balanced signal path and this might add noise.

option 2: d/a in the 568. Meridian bitstreams CD data over coaxial. I have a state of the art nordost moonglo upgraded with rhodium fitting plugs for that purpose. 568 does all the d/a conversion and then i use a balanced audio path to my primare a30.2 (btw i love the primare and recommend them to everyone... they are just as good if not better then meridian ones and are at 1/2 the price. Their reference a32 monaural amp is simply leagues above pretty much anything this side of 10000pounds)

P.S. i know the 596 is primarily a dvd player, but it also works wonders as a cheap cd transport/player... anyways should prove to be a good value combo

anyways... suggestions?

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