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McIntosh MC501 vs. Simaudio Moon W-6

i posted this on audiogon, forgive me for any crossover.
I'm hoping to get some feedback regarding these two amps, or other suggestions/feedback for amps to upgrade from my McIntosh MC352, to drive my KEF Reference 4.2 speakers. i want to move to monoblocks and so far, the mc501 and the w-6 are what i have been considering. any and all feedback is appreciated. impressions about sound, handling, soundstage, etc.

simaudio moon nova CD player
macintosh c42 preamp
ps audio pd 3.5 power conditioner and power cables
kef reference four-two speakers
cardas neutral reference interconnects and speaker cable

thanks in advance

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Re: McIntosh MC501 vs. Simaudio Moon W-6

I have listened to them both, but found myself at the Analog Room in San Jose listening to Ayre separates, among others (given your handle and components, I'll assume you live near the San Francisco Bay area). I was stunned at the quality and clarity of the Ayre pre/power amps, but walked out with the Cayin A88-T integrated.
This is going to sound hard to believe, but I felt the Cayin sounded better than McIntosh separates to me, and more musical/less clinical than the W-6 (although the I-5.3 has always impressed me).
Through a set of humble Quad 22L speakers, the Cayin equalled most of the other high end gear onsite. I realize this is all subjective, but I was absolutely blown away... and handed them my money.
I understand it can be used as a power amp as well - check it out.

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