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McCormack - SMc upgrades worth it?

Hello All,

I am new to the forum and was hoping that some of you may have some experience with McCormack gear, particularly with the SMc upgrades.

I have a DNA-1 Deluxe and TLC-1 Deluxe that I purchased new about 10 years ago. I am now thinking of sending them to SMc for "gold" upgrades.

My question is, would the SMc-upgraded amp be better than a plain-vanilla DNA-225? Or, has SS technology changed enough over the last 10 years that a really good integrated (such as the Creek Destiny) would be a cost effective system upgrade?

I know that I should audition for myself, but in this case there is no way for me to do so.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.


p.s. I posted a few pics of my systems in the Galleries section a couple weeks ago, if anyone is interested. Thanks again.

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Re: McCormack - SMc upgrades worth it?

Steve makes great stuff and does so to a reasonable price point. He can make significant upgrades to older equipment using better components and improved circuit design advances which have been realized after the original component was made. The upgrades he offers are worth it.

I didn't know he mods the DNA-225. I have one of these. Time to do some checking.

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