MBL 6010 D preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Solid-state, remote-controlled preamplifier. Inputs: 5 unbalanced line-level, 1 processor pass-through, 1 optional unbalanced phono (RCA), 1 optional balanced (XLR). Outputs: 2 independent sets, each comprising 2 pairs unbalanced (RCA), 1 pair balanced (XLR); 2 buffered Tape Out (RCA). Frequency ranges: DC–1MHz (CD), DC–600kHz (high-level). Distortion (1kHz/2V): <0.0006%. Signal/noise: 103/109dB, 1V/25 ohms (CD); 102/108dB, 1V/25 ohms (high-level). Input sensitivity (high-level): 315mV. Maximum output: 11V. Input impedances: 5k ohms (CD), 50k ohms (high-level). Output impedance: 100 ohms. Channel separation: 90dB.
Dimensions: 21" (530mm) W by 9" (240mm) H by 12" (305mm) D. Weight: 77 lbs (35kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: 99527.
Finishes: Black/gold, Black/chrome, Arctic Silver/chrome.
Price: $23,800. Optional modules: MM phono, $1540; MC phono, $2020; MM/MC phono, balanced XLR inputs, $835. Approximate number of dealers: 10.
Manufacturer: MBL Akustikgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, Einemstrasse 22, D-10785 Berlin, Germany. Tel: (49) 30-851-80-74. Fax: (49) 30-851-80-62. Web: www.mbl-germany.de. US distributor: MBL North America, Inc., 263 West End Avenue, Suite 2F, New York, NY 10023. Tel: (212) 724-4870. Email: Info@mbl-northamerica.com. Web: www.mbl-northamerica.com.

MBL Akustikgeräte GmbH & Co.
US distributor: MBL North America, Inc.
263 West End Avenue, Suite 2F
New York, NY 10023
(212) 724-4870