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Maxamizing my system

I'm hoping the audio veterans on this board can help here. And that your answers are useful not just for me, but for all beginners.

What steps can be taken, in order of importance, to get the most from your system Without Making any new purchases, or accumulating any new gear. (ok aside from little incidentals like twisty ties or some other common house-hold item)

I anticipate that there may be a difference in the priority of free-tweaks/proper setup for an analog vs digital system. I gladly accept for advice on either or both.

For example: I assume speaker placement is the most important, maybe it isn't but what things should or can be done beyond that?


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Re: Maxamizing my system

Good thread, Windzilla. I think Jonathan Scull's Fine Tunes columns will have a lot of good ideas. Speaker placement is the first thing that comes to my mind, too. After that, I'd say making sure all of your connections are clean. Here's a great installment featuring Q-Tips, pipe cleaners, paper towels, and Dos Equis Special Lager.

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