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matching a cartridge

A question about matching arms and cartridges. I read and herd a lot about the problem but I'm a bit embarrased when a friend's cartridge (a Denon DL-103R) passes through the Cartridge Man LP Tests (if it was mounted on an EPA-100 tonearm).

Why? If anyone here asked me why, I have to answer I don't know: I knew the EPA was too light (the manual says 22 grams as effective mass but I think it isn't so) to match well the Denon (5 cu as compliance and 8.5 of weight).

But yesterday I listen very well when the pick-up ran on the groove: there's no distorsion at all (except for the "torture" track) and 9hz was the horizontal resonance frequence test result.

So, I now ask you: what's the rule for a good arm-cartridge matching?


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Re: matching a cartridge

I was not aware of the Technics EPA-100 tonearm until I googled it. I noticed it was a rather substantial S shaped arm so I would agree with the stated arm mass. The EPA-100 S shaped arm was probably designed about the time the Denon cartridge was manufactured. S shaped arms and low compliance moving coil cartridges should work well together.

From the Technics site I googled.

A variable dynamic damping system which permits the user to tune the arm for compatibility with virtually any cartridge now available.

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Re: matching a cartridge

Some useful reference info can be found here:
'The Cartridge Database'

Also, info on your arm at the same site:

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