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Martin logan vantage speaker repair

I just bought a used pair of martin logan vantage speakers. they were working great until i changed my amp and plugged in my rca cable with the amp powered. i heard a loud noise at the rca connection. and since then one speaker has played louder. i tested the speakers individually and one is has messed up the imaging. right now i have added 4dbs for a temporary solution from my processor to try and even out the sound .looking for repair solutions ?

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Re: Martin logan vantage speaker repair

Might try asking at the ML Forum before contacting ML direct for closest service center.


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Re: Martin logan vantage speaker repair

If the speaker is making sound but it's down a couple of db from the other speaker I'd check to see if all of the drivers are working. Is the bass control on both speakers set the same? Is the woofer working? If not check the fuse before assuming the woofer is bad. Before disconnecting anything make sure the amp is off and the speaker has been unplugged for a while.

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