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Martin Logan Sequals????

Looking at a pair I can get for a lil over 500 bucks. Is that a good deal??? don't know anything about these speakers. Any help out there?? Thanks,Knuck

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Re: Martin Logan Sequals????

Electrostats have an almost cult following...particularly Martin Logans. These are very tall speakers and if this is for your garage system mentioned in an earlier thread, they may be a little over-kill and finicky to keep clean.

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Re: Martin Logan Sequals????

Hi, Knuck!

Those speakers were made from 1987 to 1989, and then moved on the the Sequel II.

There is a terrific Martin Logan Forum at

They maintain product time lines and give typical price ranges for vintage Martin Logan speakers.

They listed yours at about 850 to 1100.

Be sure to ask this question there, they will have better answers, especially about service/repair availability.

I remember hearing that model and liked it, but I distinctly recall a limited dynamic range as a distinguishing characteristic. From the tone I picked up from your other quest for garage speakers, it makes me wonder if these would be all that satisfying to you, even in the house.

I haven't spent much time at that ML site, let us know if it seems worthwhile!

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