Mark Levinson No.30.6 Reference D/A processor Associated Equipment

Sidebar 1: Associated Equipment

Digital sources: Mark Levinson No.31.5 CD transport; California Audio Labs CL-20 and Denon DVD-5000 DVD players; Nagra-D and Tascam DA-38/Prismsound MR-2024T digital recorders; Madrigal, Illuminations Orchid, and Canare 110 ohm AES/EBU cables; dCS 972 to upsample CDs to 96kHz and convert the Nagra's and Tascam/Prismsound's 96kHz and 88.2kHz dual-AES/EBU data outputs to single, double-speed AES/EBU format.
Comparison components: Mark Levinson No.30.5, Wadia 27ix, Muse Model 296.
Line preamplifier: Mark Levinson No.32.
Power amplifiers: Mark Levinson No.33H monoblocks.
Loudspeakers: B&W Silver Signatures, Mirage MRM-1s.
Cables & Interconnects: Madrigal balanced CZ Gel-1 interconnects; AudioQuest Sterling speaker cables (Mirage).
Accessories: Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 116 Mk.II and PE-1 AC line conditioners (except for power amps), ASC Tube Traps, RPG Abffusors.—John Atkinson

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