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Mark & Daniel A400 amp

Hi, I've just come across this amp while testing out Swan Diva 5.1 speakers. The amp sounded good to me but I have only heard the Cambridge Audio 840A so I don't have much to compare it to. The guy is asking US$1600 for the amp. Is this a good buy in your opinion? I cant find much info on this amp on the net. How would you rate this amp?

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Re: Mark & Daniel A400 amp

M&D amps are robust, good sounding amps. However, I would ask to try others out before finalizing the purchase.

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Re: Mark & Daniel A400 amp

The Cambridge 840A is an integrated that lists for about $1800 and is rated at 120Wpc, right? So that is your price range?

Two that I would look very hard at in the price range are the Creek Classic 5350SE and the Cary CA1. My guess is that they all sound VERY good for that price, but the Creek is definitely one you should hear; it is very nice indeed!

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