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marantz dv3002 or oppo dv-981hd

which of these 2 dvd players would offer the best audio performance? does the fact that the oppo has gold plated connectors and the marantz does not make much of a difference? the marantz has significantly lower thd, once again, much of a difference? which would you go with, seeing as their both the same price. my setup will be paradigm monitor 7's driven by a nad c325bee, cables will be monster thx1000 speaker and audio interconnects (i get them really cheap through my job)

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Re: marantz dv3002 or oppo dv-981hd

Even though I like the audio qualities of Marantz DVD & CD players (I own a DV6400 and an SA8001), I'd try the Oppo for $150. It has a slew of terrific reviews, and you can return it if you don't like it. BTW, the formerly $600 Marantz DV-6400 can now be bought for $200 new online. That's a deal on a very good player. Sorry, I don't know anything about the new DV3002.

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