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Marantz CD-60 SE - upgrade needed?


I've recently hooked up an old Marantz CD-60 SE that has been in storage for years and have re-discovered how good it sounds compared to the PC audio setup I've bee using.

How does this compare now to modern CD players?

It is currently connected to 5.1 Logitech Z-5500 speakers in a 12ft x 12ft room, so maybe an upgrade wouldn't benefit this type of setup.

Also, would you advise me to buy a cheap vintage upgrade like the Marantz CD63 mk II, KI Signature or something new (Azur 640C (Version 2))?

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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Re: Marantz CD-60 SE - upgrade needed?

At my home marantz cd 60 se plays from 1989. It was very good rated player, and I've never had any kind of problem with it. A cheap trick for better sound is to disconnect internal phone socket wires (it's very easy to do). I think that your setup doesn't need that kind of player, and I think that isn't quite wise to go further, i.e. to buy new player. Cambridge audio azur 640 is good, new, very interesting player, pitty to pair it with that kind of speakers. Maybe it's time for you to go to real hifi (2 channel setup). You'll be much more surpriced
Of course everything depends from you and your musical needs.

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