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Marantz 30 vs moon 240i which is a better amp?

Can’t decide between a moon amp vs marantz 30 to power a pair of b&w bookshelf 805s

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Interesting Choice!

I haven't heard either of these specific amps or these particular B&W speakers. However, I have spent some serious seat-time recently with the Simaudio Moon 340 IX and that is one fantastic amp at it's price point; even significantly beyond! I've spent time auditioning B&W floor-standers in the past but not their stand-mounters. Based on this experience, the reputation of the components you've mentioned here and reviews, I don't think there is any question both these amps would be solid playmates for the B&W. Have you auditioned them under controlled conditions (i.e. sound room similar to yours dimensions-wise and acoustically; music you are familiar with; with those B&W or similar speakers; etc.)? This is the best way to make a decision like this. Your ears will tell you what sounds best. The Simaudio Moon 240i (50 WATTS into 2 channels at 8 Ohms; SN 100dB; THD 0.02%; IM 0.005%) should certainly make those B&W sound nice. The Marantz Model 30's (100 WATTS into 2 channels at 8 Ohms and 200 WATTS into 2 channels at 4 Ohms; THD 0.005%) extra juice & power, I would think, would bring more slam and dynamic punch to the game. You should consider what you want to hook up to the amp and listen to those sources in the chain (e.g. turntable; CD Player; DAC; etc.), if at all possible. Good luck! Please let us know where you go with this decision and why. Always curious and always good feedback!

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