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Manual for Denon DCD-895

So, I'm starting setting up a budget (VERY budget) system, and have got a working CD-player, amp and a couple of Proson speakers that all are working fine. Gonna add a MiniDisc player and a record player soon as well, just need to wait for customs and a new pickup.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to where I could get hold of a manual in English or a Scandinavian language for the Denon DCD-895?

I've searched, but the only thing I'm finding is the German pages from the manual, which... well, I mean, I can translate it manually, I guess, but I would rather not.

So, anyone have any clues as to where I can find something like this?

I was wondering buying the manual for the DCD-890 off of eBay - AFAICS, they're more or less exactly the same, so I figure the manual should be more or less the same as well.

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