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Manley Labs

Any opinions, differences, comments on the Manley Labs Mahi or Snapper Amps ? cheers

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Re: Manley Labs

They always get good reviews, I heard the stingray once and was really impressed with build quality and sound. And I am impressed by a woman's ears designing sound equip. Cool stuff!


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Re: Manley Labs

Her "letters" section on her site is some of the funniest stuff I've ever read. In fact, I like her entire site.

She's a woman who knows how to live.

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Re: Manley Labs

And she rides a harley !

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Re: Manley Labs

And she has balls just like the equipment she produces. Talking from experience - have chatted to Eve Anna. Also an owner of Manley Shrimp, Mahi and previous StingRay I. These amplifiers have big testes and can make a speaker deliver the goods.

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