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Man is a boy

My feet are cold and Paul Banks is howlin' "Man's no boy" (White noise and diamond nights, track 5)

I guess he don't know any vintage car/watch/toy collectors or audiophiles. For one, I am proud of being a boy. An old one maybe, but still. An odd one too perhaps, but anyways. Being a boy at heart is the quintessence of joy, and losing that joy is growing old and boring.

In the case of that happening, I would listen to a less than mediocre music system, wear tartan patterned slippers and smoke a pipe. Hell, that's never gonna happen! Immature, well another story; I did actually grow up at some point, but clung to the boy inside realizing the true meaning of staying young inside. Refusing to act like I am five, though.

Remember the feeling when the model train was set up the very first time? That's the feeling I get when I have tossed in hours of effort to achieve a tiny improvement in the ever-changing reproduction of the music I love, and actually experiencing it. Or when bringing home a new amp. It's like Christmas and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, maybe I would, but I'm convinced my journey would end pretty fast if I was stinking rich. No joy in just going out and purchasing the best money can buy. At least not for long. Much more fun to have to save up, and enjoying the reward of having waited and looking forward to "that day". Just to mention it, I am trying to save enough money for a pair of B&W 805s, which I belive will be a match made in heaven for my Thule amp. In the meantime I stick to the music. It is in a sense my Valium, caressing my soul with it's soft wings.

From when man first started banging bones against hollow logs, music have enlightened our lives and added infinite quality to our everyday lives. I pity the folks that have no understanding of the joy of music. I was married to a woman who was fully content with the sound of a cheap boom box. I never got it, but eventually it changed somewhat. She was indeed under heavy pressure from this crazy dude, who had no scruples in spinning Beethoven or Zappa, or anything in between for that matter. Mission somewhat accomplished.

When my son was still in the womb, I sang two kids lullabyes for him every day. The only two I knew at that specific time. Funny enough, after his birth he smiled when I sang those lullabyes, but he was completely untouched when I sang a song he didn't "know". (We had bought a book with kids songs when he was born). Yes, I believe babies can hear a lot of what's going on, while still in the womb. As a matter of fact, I believe I have prooved it.

Take a look at this wonderful little boy. Don't you want to be a boy too for the rest of your life?

Baby dancing

My feet are still cold though. Maybe I should have gone for Class A?

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