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Making music vs. manufacturing it.

So there I was, yesterday, stopping at a Starbuck's for a cold drink to accompany the local fireworks display, and at the cashier station were copies of Sir Paul's latest offering "Memory Almost Full". The only cut I'd heard from it was "Dance Tonight" - not a bad tune and my wife liked it. So I bought the CD too and put it on to play after the fireworks. We all make mistakes. Not even a first rate system can put any life into it.

To get the bad taste out, I followed with "The Man on the Flaming Pie", a good post-Beatles CD from ten years ago featuring Paul and a small group doing some interesting and fun stuff. They were having fun MAKING MUSIC. In his current offering, Paul, his various instruments and his tape machines are trying to MANUFACTURE MUSIC alone (or practically alone).

Go for the coffee, forget the CD. Sad situation.

Ariel Bitran
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Re: Making music vs. manufacturing it.

mmmmm...corporate coffee and opportunistic musicians.

Yet, you can't hold it against Sir Paul. He knows this is a great outlet for getting his music to people. As we've seen in our other post, the record industry is on the fall. And for some reason, when people walk into a Starbucks, they are compelled to BUY. Starbucks is one of the best marketing companies in the world. Paul McCartney has now become part of their corporate package.

Jeff Wong
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Re: Making music vs. manufacturing it.

It sounds like the Big Mac is suffering from and serving up McArt.

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