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Very nice.

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Thanks- and it sounds pretty good too! Great actually- could be a little bigger- it's 12x14 with a 10 ft ceiling. It's got a mix of surfaces that help things balance out, but it'd be nice to have another 4ft in both directions.

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Very nice, indeed.
Could you describe the sonic features of the Grado PH-1, please ? How does it sound ? How is its musicality ?

Thank you.

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The Grado PH-1 is like most Grado products- on the warm side, but still details and very solid sounding. But if I had to do it again- It'd have not gotten the low-output Moving Coil version because to me the PH1 is a little light on the step up. If you put it with an amp that is not rock solid with plenty of juice you'd really reach a wall for dynamics etc. Luckily that's nit the case with the Krell. As always, it's good to demo a few different phono amps with a variety of materials- on your own system. So it's a good pre-amp, but you need to match it carefully. with my Grado cart it is almost a case of too much of a good thing, but I'm not looking to change it any time soon.

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Cool system & does the rega apollo perform? Some said that it's the finest/one of the finest cd player sub $1,000, do you agree? I'm interested in getting apollo someday. What's the distance between the speakers and distance to your listening position?

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@psound: Thanks- the Apollo is great, though I have not compared it to anything for a while- when I'm done shopping, that sort of it for me. Helps keep me from upgrade addiction. It's not bright or too analytical for digital, though truth be told, my TT is still a lot more detailed and dynamic (5 times the price including cartridge of course).

From speakers to listening chair it's about 10 feet). This picture is a year or two old and I recently put them a bit closer to the back wall, and farther apart, to tame some bass bloom issues that kept nagging me, which it did.

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