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Magnetic Levitation
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Any flow of electrons will be affected by a magnetic field. Next time you happen to be around a CRT display, try putting a bar magnet on the screen (cycling power should cause a degaussing cycle to clear the screen). It would be a challenge to shield the strong magnetic field used for levitation from the suspended equipment.

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Unless the OP uses heavy non-magnetic metal plates to isolate the magnets with...

But wouldn't it present a challenge to keep the equipment staying on the base? It would keep sliding out of the magnets' focus, wouldn't it?

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Has anyone tried a magnetic suspension device for supporting Hi Fi? It sounds an extremely good idea but I'm a little hesitant to try. I assume it would be most effective for sources. Do the permanent magnetcs interfere with electronics?

The magnetic field strength falls off fairly rapidly, so unless you're planning on using magnets the size of bagels you should be OK. Plus there are ways to maximize the distance of the magnets from the electronics. Of course, Relaxa mag lev stand has been around for eons and there may be others now. I built a mag lev stand for a lightweight CD player once upon a time, worked great. However, I should probably say I think that mag lev is not the end all do all in terms of isolation techniques, for one thing the magnets in the mag lev device inherently produce forces and torques that tend to constrain isolation effectiveness in some directions, like a power cord pulling gently on the component mounted on a conventional mass-spring device.


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