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Magnepan what??

I picked up a pair of magnepan 1.5s from an audiophile friend who has since went on to meet the great audiophile in the sky. I know that he has entrusted me with these beasts because I would do right by them. The only amp that I currently have is a adcom 3500 and it barely pushes enough juice for one of these bad boys. I currently have some surround sound klipsch's that I use for my home theater so I want to add these guys in as pure music enjoyment. I would greatly appreciate some imput on what would set em off. I'm a bachelor with a decent income but I would like to keep the price reasonable so lets say I have a few grand to spend on an amp, preamp, and whatever else I may need. By the way, I already have some great wiring that came along with the maggies...
Thanks in advance for any input and I'm sure my audiophile friend blesses you from above in your endevors...

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Re: Magnepan what??

I checked the Adcom web site and there appears to not be a Adcom 3500. Might you have meant 5300? The 5300 is an 80 watt per channel power amp. If this is what you have then you already have a preamp. If you like the Adcoms sound you might want to get a more powerful Adcom amp. You can keep the one you have for future use, such as the rear channels of a surround system.

I'd suggest something with about 200 watts per channel. You might find a good deal on a used GFA-555.

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