Magicos Make Music

Even though Robert Deutsch has blogged about Magico's new S1, Alon Wolf (right) prevailed upon me to take a (brief) listen. Paired with Convergent Audio Technology (CAT) monoblock amplifiers, the sound was lovely and warm. I did catch a bit of distortion on the right channel at one point, cause unknown, but Joni Mitchell's aging, low voice was maximally evocative, with an extra kiss of tube warmth.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Actually, I'm dying here. When I was in the Magico room, I kept thinking how curious Joni Mitchell sounded. That's because Joni Mitchell was none other than Diana Krall, singing "Live in Paris." I've also learned that the distortion-like sound on the right channel originated in the piano pedal. I could use a case of something right now...