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Made my own 10+ kg brilliant pebble - mass damping to the extreme!

The last time I was in an airplane was when I was 12 years old. It was 12 years ago. Afterwards I got airport security phobia. I'm scared of police too.

Entering Turkey

I was in Turkey, Cesme. I stayed in a cheap hotel and outside the window there were construction workers and lot of dust. The hotel still had a swimming pool and I swimmed for hours.

To get to the Cesme city I needed to use a cheap minivan bus, it was dusty. Once I was also hitch hiking with a big truck. I went into a restaurant and asked for soap, the waitor laughed. When I gave a few Lira as tip he got happy and slapped my back.

Then I was walking the city and needed to urinate, I went into another restaurant and the toilets were at the back near the kitchen. I went inside and someone had jammed the toilet with paper (you are supposed to put the **** paper into trash can beside the toilet). So I just continued urinating into the toilet and flushed, when I came out of the toilet, **** water was squeezing out from the floor and running down to the kitchen. Little was running down into the restaurant as well. Big pools of **** water had formed and I needed to jump over them, then I got the hell out of there! When I was outside I saw a van approach the restaurant with men in worker suits and big hoses, they ran into the restaurant.

Then I went back to the hotel and continued a few miles into the other direction, someone said there was a beach there. BS, just a beach made of stones!

Then I took a boat trip that had a belly dancer. The boat had a toilet near the front, and the side rail was very low so it was easy to fall off the boat. It was hard to enter the toilet and it was very small. When a wave approached the boat the captain had to turn off the engines and turn the boat in the direction of the wave. There were big waves and it was easy to fall off the boat. I don't remember if anyone did.
The boat was going to Turtle Beach, but where are the turtles!!!??? I didn't see any. But the beach had sand in it so I went swimming in the ocean for hours. I didn't really swim, I was just jumping into the big waves. I thought I jumped in the same place but then I had ended up a few hundred meters into another location.

Then the boat continued into a mud bath community or something. I was covering all of myself with mud and it dried and got hard. Then we went back to the boat and back to the hotel, on the trip home the belly dancer appeared again.

Ok, now I was back in the hotel and noticed my upper body was all red, it had burned good in the sunshine when swimming! So I went to the restaurant again to eat (not to the ****** place), and the waitor was there again. I gave him tip again and son of a bitch the slap in my back was very painful! So next time I went to another restaurant, there was a guy who wanted to do arm wrestling with me, he said I was very strong. The next day I went back and this time we used our left hands to arm wrestle, he reached over with his left hand but I didn't feel comfortable since someone said Turkish people wipe their asses with their left hand because they don't use toilet paper. But I didn't want to hurt the feelings of the waitor so I grabbed his hand. He told me I was strong again, then he said he wanted to take me weightlifting with him after his job ended. I met him at the bus station and we went to workout. He was wearing slippers and I was barefoot. He told me to stand with my heels on top of a wooden board so I could do squats easier, damn the pain of my heels pressing against the side of the sharp wooden board! Then it was time for benchpress, he was spotting me and leaning above me with a towel on his shoulder. His sweat was dripping into my face but I kept on going. He told me to meet him again tomorrow, but what did he want from me? I didn't want my ass to get sore too, so I didn't show up the next day.

After the workout I went searching for luxury hotels and pretended I lived there, I do it everytime I'm on vacation. I went inside and said "Hey I'm back", then I went through the hotel into their swimming pool, I saw a girl there with good tan. But it only lasted 10 seconds because I had to leave.

So I walked into another place and found water slides, but half of it was missing, they were still constructing it. So I sat there in the sand for a few minutes and realized I was on a nude beach. I didn't want to show them my small penis so I got the hell out of there.

I came back to the hotel, and now it was time for shopping! I went into random stores and they told me to sit down and drink this apple tea. There were many carpets there and the seller tried to sell me his carpet. I would never have bought his carpet but I pretended to be interested because the tea was for free. Then I went into another store and did the same thing.

Buying "the stone"

Then I entered a souvenir shop or something, there were many stones inside. Something deep inside me told me to buy a stone. So I looked around the store and saw a black stone made from Onyx, it drew my attention. Then the seller asked what size do you want. Then I said, as big as possible, if I buy something, I want it extreme! Then the seller said, "it isn't possible to make a stone this big from Onyx, it will crack!", so then he recommended Marmor instead, and I said, ok, let's do it. So he took my order and told me to come back next week to get it. The price was a million Lira, which was about $30 at that time.

So next week I got the ball, heavy as hell. The seller gave me a bag to carry it in, but it broke before I got to the bus station. A couple days later it was time to travel home.

Problem with airport security

I placed the stone ball inside my bag and was going to take it to the airplane with me instead of put it down at the luggage compartments. I placed the bag on the rubber rolling device and it went inside some kind of x-ray machine. I was waiting for my bag at the other end and then the machine suddenly stopped with my bag inside. Then I put my arm inside it and tried to pull out my bag but the friction was tight and I couldn't do it, but suddenly the machine worked again and the bag came out. When I stood up I saw airport security staring at me with mad faces. They yelled very loud "OPEN THE BAG!", I had wrapped the ball with my underwear to protect it and I didn't want to show them my dirty underwear. Then they took the bag and opened it themselves, they slid the underwear aside and saw the big round stone ball, then they left without saying anything. Then I sat down at the terminal and everyone were staring at me.

I don't remember the flight home because I blocked it from my memory because of embarrassment. The next thing I remember I was 100 meters from home and the straps of my bag broke and the bag fell to the ground. Lucky the stone didn't break. Finally I had the stone at home but I had no clue what to do with it, I rolled it on the floor and I didn't have any idea, so I put it inside my closet for the rest of my life. It was there 12 years doing nothing...until today!


I put the Marmor stone at the rear of my P300 Power Plant and got fuller bass with more oomph! I get longer attack and decay and it sounds very full. It sounds dark with whiteness still on top. Less frequencies are emphasized because of mass damping with this Marmor stone!

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Re: Made my own 10+ kg brilliant pebble - mass damping to the e

Your system is sure evolving into a masterpiece!!! Do you know Latka Gravis who used to work at the Taxi company? thank you very much. But what did you do with those dirty underswear? Shouldn't you keep your ball in your underwear at all times? Keep teh ball safe from being broken, by a ball breaker.

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Re: Made my own 10+ kg brilliant pebble - mass damping to the e

Your extreme dedication to great audio is to be admired.
But I hope that you are open to new concepts from others.
Your giant ball makes a great diffusor.
But a pair huge balls would be even better.
You might want to contact Dave Wilson at Wilson Audio about this new material. I think that he still has some letters in the alphabet left to name it.
On the down side, your massive uniball is cursed by its spherical formula which does not have the prefered "golden ratio".

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Re: Made my own 10+ kg brilliant pebble - mass damping to the e

Patrick - Thank you for posting and sharing. I always find your pics and videos at Head-Fi interesting and entertaining. I know you take a lot of ridiculing for your extreme tweaking, but, it must be said: at least you give these things a try and actually listen before dismissing or embracing. More power to you!

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Re: Made my own 10+ kg brilliant pebble - mass damping to the e

Possibly the most unusual post I have any forum. But having been to Sweden last year....well lets just say its different over there, in a good way. And I had the best time at the audio show in NYC in a Swedish speaker manufacturer's room. Full bar and a huge cooler of beer, and food. And the speakers sounded great. A holographic design, small but room filling.

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Re: Made my own 10+ kg brilliant pebble - mass damping to the e

That "special" stuff looks like styrofoam shiping/packing material that comes with a DVD or CD player, SCIENCE in action!!!But mostly Mocking the tweaks more likely? The ball sound might just give one a CLUE....If ONE ball is good,2 BALLS is better, and a must, for symetical sound, having only one BALL, ain't right.

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