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Made in China

Is it safe to eat? Teh WAL-MART crowd loves Chinese goods. WAL-MART is China BIGGEST trading partner. WAL-MART is a disaster. It pays it's workers (ASSociates) Chinese wages , but too bad this is teh United States. Why did it take China 5000 years to all of a sudden become relavant in the world, while countrys like Geramny, France, The NetehrLands, U.S>, have developed ideas concepts, ways of living that people enjoy. Henry Ford pioneered the concept of making stuff for the masses, at affordable prices. But not by making junk, mis labeling the stuff and basically being fraudulant. China is a dangerous country, for it's own people, and other countrys. Less than 30 years ago, they still wanted to nuke whoever they could....probably still do. Most of teh mfg companies are fronts for money laundering, did you ever wonder how they are managing to buildup their military, and moderizing it? China is the threat, not any of the sand nutz.

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