Mcintosh MB100 Media Bridge

The company logo reminds me of a sixties horror movie and the glass front panel evokes memories of lying on the floor in a pal's living room in 1972 listening to his Dad's Stack O' Mac, but something about that bioluminescent glow gets me every time. All the more weird since this is such a contemporary product.

The MB100 lets you stream from the internal 1TB drive, wirelessly from your personal device, or hook up USB, eSata or NAS drives. You can also stream from Pandora, Spotify, etc. All is controlled via an iOS or Android custom app, web browser or TV user interface and output to either digital or analog ports on the back.

Available in April or May this year for around $6,500 retail. Go with the glow.

PS: Some of you must have similar memories of listening to music as a kid while the Mac's green and blue lights cast an eerie hue on the ceiling?

sudont's picture

McIntosh was my first experience with high fidelity, and I've never forgotten it. I went with a friend to some dude's house, probably on a, uh, mission of commerce, and in his living room is a stack of Mac, presumably belong to his dad. I was 15 in 1974, and had never seen anything like it. He was kind enough to give a demonstration, and I was blown away. I had no idea a stereo could sound like that. It was magnitudes beyond the console stereo in my home, and any other "hi-fi" I'd ever heard. Either that, or the blue meters hypnotized me, but I've been a slave ever since.
It took awhile, (at least ten years), but eventually I was able to get an MC275, (alas, no blue meters), along with an MX110, (a Z for $150!), and have continued to use McIntosh amplifiers ever since. As of now, I'm using the MC352.