M2Tech Rockstars Series

Replacing the mid-size chassis offerings from M2Tech that were originally targeted to desktop and secondary system use, the new Rockstar line is now intended for main systems as well. The Young MKIII preamp/DAC features include additional digital inputs and analog inputs and outputs, DSD 256, full MQA, and Bluetooth APTX .

In the photo: on top is the Young MKIII preamp/DAC ($1,699), in the middle the Crosby power amp (80 watts per channel 8 ohms at $1,299), and at the bottom is an optional external linear Van Der Graaf MKII power supply ($980) which can power up to four devices and do sequential turn on and off. Wait - shouldn't the power supply be called the Stills? These are shipping now.

Also announced, but now shown, is a new phono preamp called, naturally, the Nash.